Tips on How to Live a Fearless Life As a Speaker


It may interest you to know that virtually every speaker passes through this stage in life. A stage; where in one situation or the other, fear takes complete control of an individual. With the passage of time and the application of the tips you are going to be exposed to now, such speakers were able […]

Fearless Millionaire Armor Video

Paul Kirch Says Thank You to Nathan Amaral

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Here is Paul Kirch sharing a Thank You video to Nathan for getting Fearless Millionaire Armor and being apart of the Fearless Millionaire Community. *Armor as a Verb is: provide (someone) with emotional, social, or other defenses.  That’s what wearing Fearless Millionaire Armor is all about being mentally protected from all the crap that “they” […]

The Causes of Fear of Success

Being Fearless 1

There are many reasons why people may fear success.  They may have what success can bring such as being isolated, working for long hours, new enemies, and loneliness, being asked for money or favors.  Some people are afraid that when they climb high, they will fall harder.  People can fear the responsibility, and criticism, and […]

Mad As Hell


Have you had your moment of breakthrough? Where you know that THIS is what you want to do for the rest of your life? Have you experienced that yet? I feel like I have many times over but yet all in the same industry, so somewhat targeted but yet a little off the wall at […]