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Welcome to The Fearless Millionaire!

This site is to inspire, motivate, educate and give you strategies to get you to a Million faster.

Now listen closely, it doesn’t matter where you live in the world, it doesn’t matter what currency you earn, 1 Million is still a big number for most. Understand that the mission of living with a Fearless Millionaire Mindset is not just to reach a million, it’s who you become on the journey to a million, you have to think differently.

Do you agree that there is something different about Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, Will Smith, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Beyonce, Jeff Bezos and the list goes on…
What do these Fearless Millionaires have in common?

They started with nothing.

If you have nothing, something, or a bit more than the average, it’s ok. This group is to assist you in building on what you already have.

What’s required to be in this group is that you have a big dream and you are not willing to give up on it. If that is you, then Welcome to The Fearless Millionaire Family.

What we believe:

We believe in God.
We believe in goal setting.
We believe in the power of giving.
We believe that we are capable of more.
We believe money is good and a tool to help ourselves and others.

We are willing:

To read and learn new things.
To motivate ourselves daily.
To stay focused on our goals.
To respect our time and money.
To help others win.

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3 Items To Include in Your Post To Hire A Virtual Assitant

Keep in mind that you are not looking for a rocket-scientist as our Virtual Assistant. We just need someone who already has done this type of task already for someone else. Their academic background should not be a priority. Deeper on that note, you don’t need to care if someone doesn’t have a masters degree in data entry but have a 5-star rating and have made over $10,000 doing data entry work with a 99% success rate. You got me?

You want someone who is talented in that task that you need to get done. That’s it.

Here is a 5-step guideline to important qualities that your virtual assistant should have:

  1. Love checklists and working in a structured environment
  2. Excellent attention to detail
  3. Tech-comfortable (basics, email, cloud software, screen recording, SKYPE)
  4. First language is English, is good in spoken and written English
  5. Has a project success rate 95% and above


Now, let’s go into the structure of the posting

  1.  Who I’m Looking For / Job Description

    Tell them I want someone with the qualities listed above

    Outline what their duties will look like. Do you want an admin support? A project manager? Give them examples of the tasks. – Example: I’d like you to handle my email inbox and arrange appointments in my calendar.

    Emphasize how important checklists, organization, attention to detail are to you. Lastly, let them know all training will be provided. Most business owners I know have many books are training already in their library. There have been times I have hired someone and first sent them through 3 days of paid training even before they start. Then I give them a few tasks and see how they produce results. If you don’t have purchased training for them, it’s ok, tell them to find some videos on YouTube for training. Trust me on this one, there is so much education and how to videos on YouTube it’s shocking.

  2. Outline Job Details

    1. Tell them how soon you want to find someone for the position. How many hours they will be hired per day or week. This is the time to tell them how much you are paying, so state the hourly rate you are paying. To get an idea of what to pay for this type of work, do some research on VA sites to see what the average rate is, this will help you arrive at your hourly rate you want to pay.
  3. Tell Them How To Apply

    I tell them exactly this (copy and paste if you like):

    If you’re interested… Email Nathan@getjob.com

    In the subject line please write “Business Owner Needs Help With Work Load”

    Next, you will want to ask them the WHY?: 

    Reason #1 why you think this job is a fit for you?

    Reason #2 why you think this job is a fit for you?

    Reason #3 why you think this job is a fit for you?

    Name your favorite part you saw on my website, and in closing, leave you contact info including your name, email address, and phone number.

    Note: Please do NOT attach a resume; if you are shortlisted I may ask for one later.

    Thanks. I know the *right* applicant will really like this job. Maybe it’s you?






Try this on your next post for hiring a virtual assistant and let me know how it works for you. Post your questions and results in the comments below.

5 Tips for Using Instagram Better

Get more from your social media

It wasn’t until Instagram reached 100 million users that it caught the eye of Facebook. With high usage and ease of use in the app Facebook made an offer in April of 2012 for $1 Billion in cash and stock. Nothing really happened in the first year after the purchase, but 2016 was a groundbreaking year for Instagram.

Every few months Instagram has released big new updates and each of those has had more integration with Facebook and advertising potential through Facebook ad center. This powerful relationship has made a bigger impact on how to use IG (Instagram) for business.

Yes, IG can still be used as a social platform to share and comment on cools pics from friends. In addition, you can use it for your business to get even more attention from your customers and this is still an untapped marketing avenue by many businesses.

Since Instagram is all about pictures, I want to share with you 5 tips for better posts.

  1. Customers – First, and foremost know who your audience is. It’s ineffective to just post random posts that you “think” your audience might like. Why not just post what your likes already? Most brands and businesses start off on the wrong foot when it comes to attracting customers. Don’t miss the mark here, know what your customers like and give them more of it. One of the greatest advertising moguls of time was Robert Collier and he stated a powerful thought that every business should follow, he said, “Continue the conversation that your customer is already having in their mind.” When you do this, it gets really easy to know what to deliver to them. Think of them first. Here is a good Instagram tool you can use to find out what matters to your audience, it’s called WEBSTA. Try it out for free, before your next post.screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-11-49-48-am
  2. Hashtags – This is the most important part of getting your post noticed. The hash (#) also known before 2010 as the pound symbol, is how your post will get noticed to other users on Instagram. It’s how users let others know what is in the pic, a category per say. Of course, there is miss use to get more visibility, but then it just might become irrelevant to the pic that is being shared.  A good strategy is to keep the hash relevant to your customers and what they would be searching for. This shouldn’t be much of a problem if you know what your audience likes, and appeals to them. Remember that when you post your audience is watching, even if they don’t directly tell you. Use an app like TAGSDOCK to help you do hashtags faster.
  3. Notifications – You can turn on notifications from other brands and businesses that your audience follows and see how they react to those other posts. This can give you ideas for your next post and capture that market as well. This is a great way to dive into the mind of your audience to see what they like, again, when you study your customers they will show you how they “vote” for things online. Engagement is a good sign that the post has their attention, when you are notified of that from other brands that are similar to yours then you can go for the competitive advantage. You can also think of it as “spying” on your competition. notifications
  4. Direct Messages – I like to call this the silent partner because you can still reach your audience on IG but yet you don’t have to go public with it. Direct messages is a great way to let your fans know that you have something special for them, private, exclusive benefits that only they receive from you. You can market that publically. You can ask your prospects to follow you for exclusive messages, special offers, discounts, news, events etc… just make sure that it is truly exclusive to them only or first before public so you can keep and build on the trust of your audience. direct-messages
  5. Profile Description – I know this might seem like a common sense area because IG will ask you to fill in the blanks, but I lost count of how many times I have seen a lack of use of the profile area. Instagram has two types of profiles, personal and business. If you are building a brand or business with Instagram then you should switch to a business account when it becomes available to you. It’s not something you can just sign up for IG is only releasing it to certain users at a time, so if you don’t see it yet, you can keep an eye out for it. Either way, personal account or business you should be putting a link to an offer, news update, new video, important message, or anything that will get them to take action. You should direct your followers with a Call To Action. A CTA is basically telling someone what to do next, “click here to…” “Use the link to get…” “See the link to learn more…” But you have to direct people otherwise they will make up their own mind on what to do next and you don’t really want that to happen. More on marketing persuasion later but for now, go and apply these simple 6 steps and you too can get more out of Instagram.

If you have any questions, comments or want to share an idea, put them in the comment section below.